Michael Akopyan — Scripter based in Los Angeles, CA

Refinery was a Christmas themed map that was done for a contest hosted by “YouAlwaysWin”. This map was completed by two people: Carlos Morales (Rollonmath42) and Michael Akopyan (DidUknowiPwn). I was tasked with scripting the main events for the map, which included an elemental weapon system for the upgraded versions of the weapons and two main easter eggs. There were two types of elementals: ice and fire. The ice element for example would freeze zombies instantly whereas the fire element would ignite the zombies on fire, causing them to panic. However, both occurred at fixed percentages, so the elemental damage was not 100% of the time. The first easter egg involved the players standing within a certain radius of each of the four Christmas trees located around the map and racking up kills inside of them. Once all of the trees obtained the required amount of kills, a trigger was unlocked that allowed the player to end the game. The second easter egg involved ten candy canes located around the map that could be activated. If the player shot one, then they would be notified it was hit by an FX that played in the center of it. Shooting all of them would unlock a customized weapon that was created by Carlos. The weapon was a mash of two well-known guns: the Black Ops 2 Galil and the Black Ops 2 KSG. The weapon was appropriately named “I Actually Pwn”. It was a full-auto assault rifle that fired 3 shotgun pellets per shot. I came up with the idea after playing Borderlands 2 a couple weeks earlier, as in that game there were absolutely ridiculous weapons that could be recreated in a new way.

ForCall of Duty: World at War Zombies RoleLead Scripter
Date12/07/14 Videowww.youtube.com/watch?v=x1DqlmG6KJo