Michael Akopyan — Scripter based in Los Angeles, CA

AIZombies eXtreme 2.0 is a revamped version of the original AIZobmies mod. 2.0 took the mod above and beyond what it was originally intended. There were a total of 3 developers for 2.0: Andrew (LifeLive42), Maurice Heumann(momo5502), and Michael Akopyan(DidUknowiPwn). Maurice was tasked with script shrinking while adding better logic for the AI. Andrew was tasked with updating the killstreaks and adding better AI code for the automated killstreaks such as the AC-130 and Bot. I was tasked with taking the mod and revamping the user-experience. This wouldn’t just be related to UI and AI balancing, but adding in more weaponry, creating a dedicated ingame HUD, creating new perks and modifying existing ones, and adding support for more maps while redoing old ones.

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